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No one CARES about is what you say

Of course,

Won’t someone willing to waste time

To say something to a dog to be fair

Hui family camped outside the ground

Their ten horses tied in the tree

They will do her on that field

Finished with a woman said

Will work together in the future


You have to seriously that several brothers

“Big miss so many days gone

Dick tastes much more people

Tasted of Malaysia? “He said

“Let’s rhubarb and black for women are very good

They did

Want to?

“They speak plain

Meng Hong listen

Also like a plain

I don’t know the front of the years

The woman did not on the matter

But she is nan

She must know

She must have seen

Her horses there silently go alone in the past


Don’t a person to the other side

Takes rhubarb

Lead to our in front

“I sat in the house of the door

Looked at them and she lit folios of cigarettes

They stood unfocused


Also looked at her

And it

She hug rhubarb in the front of the us’s neck

Women stroked the horse

Then squatted by the end of its belly

Massive genital took it

Rhubarb did not escape her

Also did not appear especially nervous

It’s late

Next to her is a burning fire

We see a woman out of the tip of the tongue touching to shine

She began to lick it

Another thing is

Woman herself calm as usual

Like the animal is just another her every day to deal with countless ordinary men

Like her just as I climbed up to the bamboo bed sent off

Then she quietly opened his mouth

She was as far as possible to the largest

To accommodate the reproductive organs of a horse into his mouth

Of course,

Just head there is a part of it

The main thing

Still have to hand rubbing

She stirred up in the process of the who lean on the shoulder

Crouching woman now stand on their toes

Before and after the start shaking her body

Rhubarb some agitation to hind legs

We feel

Rainbow appears to be guessed that understand the feeling

She quickened her actions

All of a sudden

And extended his neck

Now can hear around gurgles out from under her throat

The light of her heels standing naked in the air

Be as curved foot supporting the bow

Jumping up and down

He was not satisfied

But more likely

He just want to torture her

He was riding crop

Under the smoke to the third women hold the head of the sat down to the ground

Let go of the rhubarb

“Didn’t see you do it good

Haven’t seen you touch yourself

“He said

“You have to do the beast

As your own

“” get a stick or something… On this!

Whip stalks

Drop size

Plug into your cunt inside

“He threw the horsewhip to the woman and said:” again

“Rainbow in home appliances horse people spent the first night in the middle

And their horses are keep intercourse

She drew on the animal’s huge mouth hard penis

With the hand holding the whip hand

Thrusting his own vagina up and down

He pulled on the edge, etc

He kicked her ribs: “touch tits touch the milk

One hand poke cunt

A hand rubbing his ass to the yes

“Look for a moment

Look at the arch under the Malaysian body woman

As he licked tong

Coupled with the rubbing

Can have to own a pair of breasts get rolling up and down

Like a mans the rose water of the river big wave

Nirah her a kick


Bitch you have troat

Either the yes how you know ah you? Dick’s blocking the mouth? Will use voice hem bitch

Loud gurgling who look like

The sow will be!

Meng Hong maybe is really understand a man

But he is a horse

He knows more horse

He has been waiting

See rhubarb almost started

He is hard to kick Meng Hong ass

After using the seven of eight strength

A feet to kick a woman have to jump out to several feet

Rhubarb was shaking the strat neck

Scream up

Mostly to the stomach

Hong wu wear the belly climb back



Whip rod head in vulva inside

In underground dragging behind her long whip tip

Come again

All over again


Rhubarb waiting

In the’s

Rainbow don’t know is this kicking out three times or five times

Her hem out voice from the throat

Has been completely into KuQiang

She finally in the middle of the pee, away to one side of space

Let the rhubarb shot with fine horse in her mouth

Those things into her mouth

And from a crack in the lips quadrilateral surging back

Women twitched violently chest made the action of swallowing

Loud hiccup


She finally flung away his horse organ

Kneel down in underground vomiting

He asked her

Your cunt Ma Cao didn’t?


Go to uncle

Ask him to lend you a long bench

My house is

I let her go to get inside

By that time

Her pain



Has almost stand

She stumbled, dragging a long bench across the us that these men

Put it on the bottom of the black



He said

Whose turn it is black fuck you

O woman holding a stool that suck in black

At the beginning or stimulation the animal to use mouth up

She lie on your back to the bench

Towards a big open leg

Her two hands hold up among the horse penis

She dragged it

Like to drag a bag filled with millet back to the barn

Drag the dark bulky organ entrance to her pussy

We saw her bare feet [hard on the ground

A pair of ankle cyclotron twist

Volatile ups and downs

Women trying to twist butt to cater to the black

She was with her wrinkling at a discount

Tender clammy meat disc fondle the beast

Soak the beast

Then she began to moan

She shouted


After a while and said


Horse riding across in a woman’s body

Qu qi hind legs

Sank it back

Woman left shaking right on narrow long wood planks

Before and after travelling


She is to his own, who the skin pocket inside

Spelled a life to plug in to fill two pockets

She must be finally put them all in

They are two of the stomach

Filled with downy and bright and clean slip circle

Tightly stick together

A woman’s hand is placed

Also no longer need

She twisted arms to the body to hold the stool legs

She didn’t think I’m afraid

Much bigger than her horse

And the horse was playing up

We see the black didn’t stop

The horse is still in on his arse

Under the impact of the heavy fierce woman began to howl

She painfully collision his head on the edge of stool

Frantically head

Her long hair gone with the wind coming around

He is the second wife of Meng Tang

Hui brother o

Of course I can think of

This for nirah and rainbow

All is only the beginning


From the consideration on the etiquette

I am in the morning and pull them to dare to say good-bye district

The horse home appliances

And women Meng Hong stay outside

I dare to live from Germany until meng home MuLou came out

They have already arranged to do

The horses are carrying my goods

Lazily on the grass of the earth sprout

While the rainbow on the body with a naked man

The man’s study is entangled head hanging on her shoulder

Rainbow by hand holding his legs bend under the waist

The burden which makes her tense and stiff

No one allowed her down

She could only have been cheated on him

She runs a leg

Bend your knees

As far as possible let oneself stand stable

Home appliances man give her neck tied up a thick hemp rope

The other side of the rope swing out two or three meters

In the caravan leader made rhubarb carry on the shelf

The man can only be Meng Tang, of course

How much I hesitated

The two of them watched my eyes

Nirah asked me

A matter of

Let’s go?

Let’s go

He casually waved whip babies

Is not a horse

Is the two tightly together

I heard a man roar of ambiguous

A woman didn’t say anything

Paolo maldini took to the crossing cane lane in the middle of the road

I walked behind Meng Hong and Meng Tang

In the middle is separated only by a horse

Meng Tang as his daughter

Is a tall man

But now his gaunt

I can see now

Is he fell on his daughter’s body

As a woman of hundred million in a series of bony spine

And dry bottom

Rainbow is covered by his under it

I just see who o women taking turns toward the overturning up after light bare feet

And her feet towing the shackles of the chains

It is dark,



Behind a woman in the underground drag out an almost 2 feet long

Every time

When a woman stride forward

You can see the top string together a hoop

One by one straight up

Crawl along the ground tottered out

It’s definitely not my cup of tea

I this lifetime dream

Just sell medicinal materials in return for a few pocket money

By the image of people fighting inside is very dangerous

I thought as long as the patience for a few minutes

From the head of the village directly out of the end

Even if done this thing

I also don’t have to follow a naked woman with a naked man in the village are attractive

But it is now to be sure

DE dare not think so

Some of the self-defense force soldiers followed us

I began to didn’t care

But they go hit the villagers door along the side of the road

“Come out

Come out

Dare to warden said

Come out to send the old toast

Meng Tang leaving

Come out to meet

“” south swallow

You are Cousins of meng home… You don’t want to see your’s side? Come out

The whole family to come out

Son? Bring the son

Keep up with

Keep up with them

Keep up with the cavalry

“Women were called out from home man walk on the side of the road

Hold hold children

Although the bare not me

But I think from face to back

Like countless steel firm

Hot hot

You can imagine

Walk in my Meng Hong feelings in front of it

And Meng Tang yourself…… If he can feel



“Then the two down son

This time is flying up military belt

The soldiers began to substitute for home appliances control

“A woman

Put your back the old things

On the floor… Your own

Kneel down

“” for good on his knees

Hold my head

“Be put down Meng Tang struggling to support themselves

He also issued some confusion

Like in the voice

The soldiers continue to him with a belt

Already down on their knees to Meng Hong mobile knee on the past

Get down to cling to his father

But the SDF chief wu carrying her hair pulled her up

Threw her a slap

Let her toward the side fell out

As a result,

They spent some time scored a few stick into the ground

The Meng Tang arms and legs stretched

Tied to the top

This old man can only say good bye now limbs who o stay in place

He villagers is greatly open crotch toward the onlookers

Exposed there dirty gray hair

And relaxation of the penis

Here is almost in the middle of the stockade now

The way to the front of the block

The crowd congestion around

In the middle of it

Naked man Meng Tang lay on his back in the ground

Kneeling on the edge of the daughter of his close to full term pregnancy


The protruding abdomen lift up his countenance

In the past

Is the head tied together in a thick hemp rope and a woman’s neck rhubarb horses

“The two men

You must be know it? Let’s get hereditary toast cane

The two hundred and thirty years

Last fall to such two people

The old the

Road walk

The words say not clear

With an idiot is also less than

The women

Can do only one thing is naked sleep with men

British people to sleep with British people

The indians came

With India people sleep… Cany out can also make them tube?

“” the world has changed

It’s our to cany out make cane

We grow our own land

Put our own cattle and sheep

We feed themselves on their own labor

If the toast

Can do these things?

You look at

So two things

With what the whole cane lane mountain hotan as their home

Why use someone else as your slave? “Wu Sir May be tendril student

Speaks true enough level

I want to

A woman

The chief wu turned to Meng Hong said

The Malay you’ll have to sleep with the horse, isn’t it? Sleep a

Me show you to sleep

You this cane make toast

What is a what kind of thing

Wu asked


How did she sleep with beast?

First is use to lick… Nirah bad said with a smile

“Everyone stay here

To be a good look at this

See how this woman is beast’s cup of tea

See what she can mean what

…… A woman

Heard? “That’s licked

Rainbow roll up tied the rope on her neck

Gently pull up and try

Not far distance